We are a team of qualified and dedicated cyber security professionals who specialise in providing high quality training and services in cyber security for schools and colleges, as well as other profit and non-profit organisations.
Our mission is to empower people and organisations with the skills and confidence they need to avoid becoming victims of cyber-crime.


Cyber Security Services & Training

Network Security

At Cyber Engineers our services involve the use of advanced AI learning to stop ransomware, malware, online banking, shopping threats, password protection and so much more. The products we use are top rated by industry experts to deliver optimum protection against web threats.
All of our engineers are fully qualified, skilled and knowledgeable in cyber security and IT networks, and the work we do is fully insured.

Training & Courses

All of our courses are designed to suit any student interested in working in the growing industry related to cyber security, but also students interested in general employment involving IT, networking professions, infrastructure management and data management. We also offer bespoke training for schools, colleges and businesses.


Home Internet Cyber Security

We provide a professional cyber security service to ensure your home internet is secure for your work and family life. Many of small businesses and homes have been victims of cybercrime and have had our personal information, including bank details, compromised, or stolen without their knowledge.


Cyber Security Courses

Cyber Security Employment Training

Cyber Security and Digital Forensics

Cisco Cyber Security Essentials

Cisco CCNA Cyber Ops

Cisco IT Essentials

Cisco Introduction to IoT

Cyber Security Staff Awareness Training

Cyber Security Training for Schools