Programming Essentials

What you will learn:


HTML or Hypertext Markup Language is the basis of all websites, it is that language that makes the Internet work.


PHP, a self iterative name that stands for PHP Hypertext Preprocessor. PHP is a server-side scripting language capable of creating dynamic database driven websites and applications, server side means  the PHP code is  processed on the server.
Used in conjunction with a relational Database system like Mysql or MariaDB PHP becomes a very powerful procedural language for creating database driven websites.


JQuery or Javaquery is a lightweight “write less, do more” framework designed to make it easier to use and integrate Javascript functionality into your website. If writing applications for a tablet computer or mobile phone then knowledge of Jquery is a must have option.


Python is a general-purpose programming language used to build just about anything. Python is key for backend web development, data analysis, artificial intelligence and scientific computing, all of which are key for pursuing IT careers.


An object-oriented computer programming language commonly used to create interactive effects within web browsers. Javascript is primarily client side so processing occurs on the users computer.


CSS or Cascading Stylesheets determines how the content on a webpage will appear. The style sheet describes the appearance of any object on the screen according to reusable code blocks.

With PCAP: Programming Essentials in Python you learn to design, write, debug, and run programs encoded in the Python language. No prior programming knowledge is required. The course begins with the very basics guiding you step by step until you become adept at solving more complex problems.

By the end of the course, students will be prepared to:

  • Develop a working knowledge for how computers operate and how computer programs are executed.
  • Evolve critical thinking and problem-solving skills using an algorithmic approach.
  • Learn about the the programmer’s role in the software development process.
  • Translate real-world issues into computer-solvable problems.

The 2-3 weeks instructor-led course includes hands-on practice activities and over 35 lab exercises to reinforce learning, quizzes and chapter assessments, and pre-final and final tests to measure understanding.

The course is also available as an online self-paced course accessed from the catalog course page.


The curriculum is designed for upper secondary schools, technical schools, and colleges or universities.

For Students

  • No prerequisites.

For Institutions

  • If offered face-to-face: a dedicated classroom with reliable Internet access

Certification and Careers

The course is aligned to the vendor-neutral certification:

  • PCAP – Python Certified Associate Programmer

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