Welcome to Cyber Engineers

As the founder I believe that we are in an era of mammoth cyber security threats and attacks. If organisations are to effectively secure their financial future, the need to develop locally trained cyber security specialists, cannot be overstated since we can no longer outsource these roles to other countries. This is the reason I am very passionate about developing a skilled digital and cyber security workforce who will be equipped to safeguard our people and the economy.

Who we are

We are a team of dedicated cybersecurity professionals whose main objective is to keep people and businesses secure against cyber-crime and online predators. 

Cyber Engineers is a Cisco Networking Academy, dedicated to providing practical hands-on training in cyber security and computer networking delivered by experienced instructors through our blended learning arrangement. 

We have also teamed up with renowned names in cybersecurity to provide unparalleled consumer and corporate cyber security solutions for companies and remote workers. 

Our Mission

To keep people and businesses safe from cyber criminals through training and services.

Our Values

Cyber security for everyone and not the few.

The Problem we are Solving

There is currently a huge shortage of skills needed to deal with the ever-growing sophisticated online crime. The UK government’s National Cyber Security Strategy (2016-2021) states that we lack the skills and knowledge to meet our cyber security needs across both the public and private sectors.

At Cyber Engineers, we are passionate about increasing the diversity and numbers of cyber security specialists by providing training on that subject starting from foundation level through to vendor certifications.

We also believe that no business should be deprived of access to cyber security due to their size and lack of resources.

How we Solve the Problem

1. We offer very exciting training programmes in digital technology and cyber security that involve work-related, hands-on, classroom-based learning activities that could lead to direct employment, modern apprenticeship, or further education.

2. We use interactive, mind-stimulating approach to deliver skills in systems design, cabling, vulnerability assessment and penetration testing.

Who we can help

1. Individuals looking to gain skills and certification in cyber security and digital technology. We tailor our employment programmes to suit a variety of learners, including those at foundation, graduate level or those returning to work after a break to raise a family.

2. Small to medium sized businesses with few employees. These may have very limited cyber security awareness skills and may also have limited dedicated resources, making them very vulnerable to cyber-attacks.

3. Remote workers who access sensitive resources through their home networks which are often not up to enterprise standards.


My background is in Information Systems, Computer Programming and Education, having spent the last 20 years working as an Analyst Programmer and as a teacher of ICT and Computing. In 2017, while working as a lecturer, I concluded that the ever-growing menace of cybercrime could be better tackled if we had enough cyber security professionals. I knew that it would be better if we began to raise these professionals from schools and colleges. My intuition led to a meeting with my then Head of Faculty to discuss how we could develop a cyber security hub at the college; an exciting proposal but one that was not taken further. I later wrote to the Secretary of State for Digital at the time, Rt Hon. Matt Hancock to suggest that the current apprenticeship funding for cyber security be extended to include those at Level 3. The response did not offer much confidence.

Cyber Engineers was then setup with the intent of offering cyber security employment training from foundation level up to industry certifications. By October of 2018 Cyber Engineers had become a TLM approved training centre and a Cisco Networking Academy, offering accredited cyber security qualifications from level 2 to industry certifications.

In the first eight months of training we trained over 30 learners who were classified as NEET (Not in Education, Employment and Training) across Kent and Medway, including one who attended from North London. Between October 2018 and March 2019, 25 of our learners sat for the Level 2 Cyber Security and Digital Forensic external examination and all passed at grades A* to C.

Over 50 percent of these gained immediate employments after their training, including one who started an apprenticeship with Google, another as a Communications Systems Engineers for the Royal Signals, and another who has been

working with Amazon. This story has been replicated many times since.

Admittedly very few things are as fulfilling for me as equipping people with the appropriate digital skills for securing businesses from predators; and at Cyber Engineers you are not only working with skilled professionals, but also with those who sincerely care.

I look forward to working with you.

Gloria Opara
Director of Training & Development