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The aim of school partnerships is simple: To encourage and prepare young people for the future, a future where the skills they require to promote a safer better cyberspace will be crucial.

Cyber attacks currently are on the rise, 2017 saw a 31% rise on the previous year, 43% of the attacks that took place in 2018 were against small businesses rather than governments or multinational organisations. The type of business in fact who cannot afford the investment in a dedicated data security setup but equally cannot afford the loss an attack can incur, an average of £3000 per attack.

Cyber Security Training for Schools and Colleges
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The University of Maryland quantified this more succinctly in December 2018 with “a cyber attack occurs every 39 seconds on average” with an estimated $6 trillion being spent on cyber security by 2021 as a result. All sectors of industry appear to be potential targets and that generates a desperate demand for professionals with cyber security related skills.

At Cyber Engineers, we focus our energy on training and equipping our trainees so that they can defend and support IT networks. Getting them used to the systems and techniques that they will more than likely encounter in the workplace, both from the viewpoint of the attacker and the defender.


Today’s millennial generation have technology ingrained within their daily lives. They have never experienced a time when IT wasn’t present, or so readily available to them;  equally they represent the future which is why we believe that they represent one of the most effective tools for fighting cyber crime.

Our teaching methods are not just classroom based but incorporate practical activities, such as hacking simulation to ensure that sessions can be fun and engaging for both students and staff while students gain practical hands-on experience with the technology and techniques.

Cyber Security at Home and Work for Schools


This hands-on introductory course will provide the appropriate level of information and technical skills to do that. It explores cyber trends, threats, along with the wider topic of cyber security in a way that will be relevant to you and to those you teach.

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Cyber Security Awareness for Schools


The Cyber Security Awareness course explores the world of cyber security, specifically the importance of cyber security, data confidentiality, best practices for using the internet and social media safely at work and home.

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