Enterprise Security for Small and Medium Sized Businesses

Our Solution

Harness our enterprise security technology and infrastructure, which is used by some of the world’s largest and most security conscious companies. Essentials blends our expert knowledge of today’s threats with a deep understanding of your needs as a
smaller enterprise.

Network Defence

Improving the defensive capabilities of your network to withstand attacks from known vectors.

Penetration Testing

Testing how well or badly defended your network is against unwanted intrusion.

Cyber Security Risks

Assessment of risks and vulnerabilities involved with your network. Are your passwords strong enough or easy to guess?

Cyber Security Preparedness

Preparing you and your staff and making you aware of the cyber based threats that are out there

Cloud Security

Everybody wants to use the cloud for everything these days but are you aware of the risks posed by your data being “in the cloud”?

Attack Reporting

Who do you tell when your network and system is compromised?

Malware Protection

Installation and configuration of proper defence against known types of Malware and Ransomware

Insider Threats

How reliable are your current staff where electronic data and media is concerned.

Cyber Essentials Plus

Getting your business to the assessment and qualification for the Cyber Essentials Plus rating.

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