Email Security

Email Security
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Our email security solution is a cost-effective, comprehensive email filtering solution available as an appliance. Our email continuity service will enable you to provide email solutions to your clients, incorporating self-managed tools to email transportation, high standard filters on all incoming mail, unlimited mail relay and user-friendly management tools. Added benefits include encrypted email, large email, branding solutions and archiving – all using 2 factor authentication.
Our method also includes raising your employee’s security awareness, by creating and executing simulated phishing campaigns, finding weak links in your organisation, and building tailored training programs that improve and reinforce your employee’s behaviour.

  • Unmatched range of pre-built attack simulations and scenario
  • Instant messaging and SMS spear-phishing attack Scenarios
  • Detailed hands-on and summary executive reports
  • Comprehensive training solution based on best practices that can be easily adapted to each organization’s culture and specifications
  • Gamification KPI’s show employees how they are doing in real time
  • Real-time phishing notification
  • Facilitate compliance with PCI-DSS, HIPAA, ISO, SOX and other regulations
  • Empowers your employees to identify potential threats.
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