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Cyber Security

Many of small businesses and homes have been victims of cybercrime and have had their personal information, including bank details, compromised, or stolen without their knowledge.

One of the ways hackers can get into your system is through your router. They can also gain access through smart devices such as unsecured smart light bulbs, Wi-Fi baby monitors, smart watches and many other internet gadgets commonly found in homes or small offices.

These devices are clearly here to stay. However, hackers can and have been using these as a back door into people’s homes and personal data.

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The most common way hackers can get into your home network is through your routers. The router acts as the gateway to internet traffic going in and out of your home, and with most people the router is used in the default state that it was first installed. See the section on vulnerability scoring to see how vulnerable your home network is.

Why Secure Your Home Router?

5 Reasons to Secure your Router & Devices

  • If your router is compromised, it can allow hackers to spy on you.
  • If a network is connected to the Internet, it is inherently more vulnerable to online threats.
  • Home routers come configured with default vendor settings. Many of these settings are common knowledge which make home routers easier to attack.
  • If hackers get to your router, they can access and compromise all the connected devices, including baby monitors (if you have one).
  • Hackers can redirect your internet traffic to gain access to your personal and financial data.
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What’s Included?

  • Vulnerability Assessment on your home network

  • Risk Analysis

  • Cyber Threats Protection
  • Integrated Network Security
  • Unbeatable threat detection to stop sophisticated cyber-attacks from exploiting your network
  • Multi-layer ransomware protection to keep sensitive data safe
  • Safety and Physical Security Program

  • Perform different configurations on your router to harden it against cyber criminals
  • Application & Website Blacklisting and Whitelisting

  • We would also update firmware of your smart home devices that connect to your router. This is to prevent hackers coming into your network through any of these devices

  • Minimise the single point of failure by dividing up the home network to segregate key business functions from other social functions

  • We will provide basic cybersecurity awareness information so that you know how to safeguard yourself and home devices against online predators

Home Cyber Security Service

The services will be provided using our secure online collaboration tool or where possible face-to-face at your home or small business office.

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All our services are carried out by our very experienced engineers and are fully insured.

* Router configuration does not apply to our Bronze package.

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