Penetration Testing

Penetration Testing
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Penetration Testing

In the current evolving digital world, protecting information and the infrastructure and applications that support these is becoming increasingly complex and challenging. Hackers are becoming more sophisticated while technologies create vulnerabilities that could leave businesses exposed to cyber attacks.

Penetration Testing is the process of identifying security weaknesses and the extent to which they are exploited for a malicious intent.

This is an expert service designed to simulate an attack, to ensure that your entire business system is as impenetrable from external threats as possible. The purpose of the analysis is to simulate an attack to assess your immunity level, discover vulnerabilities and provide recommendations and guidelines to make your IT infrastructure more secure.

At the end of each test two high level reports are generated: a technical report for IT personnel and a management report aimed at directors and stakeholders. These reports contain details of high risk, medium risk and low risk vulnerabilities detected.

Cyber Engineers also offer Red Team penetration testing, utilising real-world techniques to analyse area of vulnerability within your system.Tools as well-versed black hat hackers (cyber criminals who can exploit and expose your system for personal gain), to help you make your systems more secure.

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