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Cisco Introduction to IoT Course


The Cisco Networking Academy® Introduction to IoT provides an overview of the concepts and opportunities in the Digital Transformation.
The course introduces the concept of a network foundation connecting billions of things and trillions of gigabytes of data to enhance decision making and interactions.

The course offers the following features:

  • Recorded videos, presentations, and testimonials from customers and IoE experts
  • Activities that reinforce learning
  • Links to articles and websites to help you explore networking and IoE on your own
  • Quizzes to check your understanding of the information presented

Duration: 4 to 12 weeks

Delivery Format: Blended Learning using a combination of technology to offer both in-class and out-of-class learning experiences. This means that students can benefit from doing part of their learning online via our virtual classroom environment, and the other part through face to face with an instructor in one of our centres.


What You Will Learn

On successful completion of the course, student will be able to do the following:


What Is the Internet of Things?

  • Describe the Internet and its evolution to the Internet of Everything
  • Explain the four pillars of IoE and how its innovations can transform businesses

Elements of the IoE

  • Explain the interconnection of people, process, data, and things that forms the Internet of Everything

Connecting the IoE

  • Explain how things that are non-IP-enabled and IP-enabled devices can be connected to a network to communicate in the Internet of Things]
  • Explain programming and show a simulated version of the Cisco Coffee JavaScript application

Transitioning to the IoE

  • Explain the steps to evaluate and implement an IoE solution
  • Explain security concerns that must be considered when implementing IoE solutions

Bringing It All Together

Describe the M2M, M2P and P2P interactions of an IoE Healthcare solution model


Certification and Career Pathways

Students who complete the course will receive a Cisco Certificate of Completion. Career pathways include network administrator, network developer, software engineer, and more.

Course Structure

The Introduction to IoT course is delivered through the Cisco NetSpace® learning environment and is available in English. The 20-hour curriculum may be used as a supplement to an existing course or as a short course. Instructors can create a self-enrol course for their students and guide them through the material and activities at their own pace.

1) Everything is Connected

Explain the meaning and impact of digital transformation.

2) Everything Becomes Programmable

Apply basic programming to support IoT devices.

3) Everything Generates Data

Explain how data provides value to digital business and society.

4) Everything Can be Automated

Explain the benefits of automation with machine learning and artificial intelligence in the digitized world.

5) Everything Needs to be Secured

Explain the need for enhanced security in the digitized world.

6) Educational and Business Opportunities

Discover job opportunities provided by the digital transformation, learning opportunities with NetAcad, and value of communities of interest engagements such as DevNet, Learning@Cisco and IEEE.

Course Requirements

Pre-requisites: Basic Operating System (Windows, Linux) and networking concepts.


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