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Cisco IT Essentials Course


The IT Essentials (ITE) course introduces students to the fundamentals of computer hardware and software, mobile devices, security and networking concepts, and the responsibilities of an IT professional. The latest release includes mobile devices, Linux, and client side virtualisation, as well as expanded information about Microsoft Windows operating systems, security, networking, and troubleshooting.

By the end of the course, students will be able to:

  • Describe the internal components of a computer and assemble a computer system.
  • Install and understand operating systems on computers and mobile devices.
  • Connect to the Internet and share resources in a networked environment.
  • Troubleshoot using system tools and diagnostic software.

Duration: 8 to 12 weeks

Delivery Format: Blended Learning using a combination of technology to offer both in-class and out-of-class learning experiences. This means that students can benefit from doing part of their learning online via our virtual classroom environment, and the other part through face to face with an instructor in one of our centres.

This instructor-led course includes activities using Packet Tracer, hands-on lab work, and a wide array of assessment types and tools.


What You Will Learn

For students seeking career-oriented, entry-level hardware and software skills to prepare for technical support roles, this course aligns with the CompTIA A+ certification. This course also serves as a foundation for CCNA-level courses. There are fourteen chapters as follows:

  • Introduction to Personal Computer Hardware
  • PC Assembly
  • Advanced Computer Hardware
  • Preventive Maintenance and Troubleshooting
  • Networking Concepts
  • Applied Networking
  • Laptops and other Mobile Devices
  • Printers
  • Virtualisation and Cloud Computing
  • Windows Installation
  • Windows Configuration
  • Mobile, Linux, and OS X Operating Systems
  • Security
  • The IT Professional

Certification and Careers

ITE 6.0 curriculum prepares students for the CompTIA A+ certification exams 220-901 and 220-902.

CompTIA A+ 220-901 covers the fundamentals of computer technology, installation and configuration of PCs, laptops and related hardware, and basic networking.

CompTIA A+ 220-902 covers the skills required to install and configure PC operating systems, as well as configuring common features such as network connectivity and email for Android and Apple iOS mobile operating systems.

Course Structure

This course comprises of:

  • 14 chapters
  • 83 hands-on labs and 128 interactive activities
  • 75 videos
  • 6 Cisco Packet Tracer activities
  • 2 checkpoint exam,
  • 2 skills review exams,
  • 2 practice final exams,
  • 3 final exams, 2 skills-based assessment, and 7 practice exams for CompTIA A+ certification

1. Introduction to Personal Computer Hardware

Select the appropriate computer components to build, repair, or upgrade personal computers.

2. PC Assembly

Install components to build, repair, or upgrade personal computers.

3. Advanced Computer Hardware

Install and configure components to upgrade a computer.

4. Preventive Maintenance and Troubleshooting

Perform Troubleshooting on personal computers.

5. Networking Concepts

Explain how computers communicate on a network.

6. Applied Networking

Configure devices to communicate on a network

7. Laptops and Other Mobile Devices

Explain how to troubleshoot Laptops and other Mobile Devices.

8. Printers

Install a printer to meet requirements.

9. Virtualization and Cloud Computing

Describe virtualization and cloud computing

10. Windows Installation

Install Windows operating systems

11. Windows Configuration

Perform management and maintenance of Windows operating systems.

12. Mobile, Linux, and OSX Operating Systems

Explain how to configure, secure, and troubleshoot mobile, Mac, and Linux operating systems.]

13. Security

Implement basic host, data, and network security.

14. The IT Professional

Explain the roles and responsibilities of the IT Professional.


Course Requirements

Prerequisites: None


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