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Introduction Course to Cyber Security for Teachers

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Our inter-connected world makes everyone more vulnerable to cyber-attacks. You may be attracted to the relativity new world of cyber security as a professional, or just interested in protecting yourself and your learners online. This hands-on introductory course will provide the appropriate level of information and technical skills to do that. It explores cyber trends, threats, along with the wider topic of cyber security in a way that will be relevant to you and to those you teach.

What is Included: Course materials and certificate of attendance

Hands-on Labs Include: How to connect and monitor smart devices as well as configure wireless security at your home and small offices.

Delivery Format: Live virtual and instructor-led

Duration: Half day (9:30 am – 1:00 pm)


What You Will Learn

The course aims to ensure that you will be able to:

  • Understand the current cyber security landscape
  • Protect data and privacy at home & work
  • Secure your Smart Home/Office (with hands-on practical exercises)
  • Help learners stay safe while using technology

Course Structure

Module One: Cyber security Fundamentals

Module Two: Cyber Security Breaches and their impacts

Module Three: Types of Cyber Attacks, including methods of infiltration

Module Four: Everything Generates Data

Module Five: Cyber Security in Schools and Colleges

Module Six: Security is Everything

Module Seven: Challenges of Securing IoT (smart) devices

Module Eight: Protecting Data & Privacy (Hands-on labs)

Module Nine: Protecting Your Smart Devices (Hands-on labs)

Module Ten: Wrapping Up

Course Requirements

Resources Needed: PCs, Cisco Packet Tracer, Internet connection.

Pre-Requisites: No prior knowledge required, just enthusiasm.


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