Cyber Security and Digital Forensics Course – TLM Level 2 Certificate

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Cyber Security and Digital Forensics Course – TLM Level 2 Certificate


This qualification is designed for students who have an interest in digital security and the threats to IT systems. It is designed to give them a broad understanding of open systems so that they can then apply these to the understanding of threats to IT systems and how to counter these. It would suit any students interested in working in the growing industry related to cyber security, but also students interested in general employment involving IT, networking professions, infrastructure management and data management.

Cyber threats now affect all aspects of IT and organisations connected to the Internet, which is almost all.

Delivery Format: Blended Learning using a combination of technology to offer both in-class and out-of-class learning experiences. This means that students can benefit from doing part of their learning online via our virtual classroom environment, and the other part through face to face with an instructor in one of our centres.

Duration: 12 weeks or 150 GLH


What You Will Learn

Students are taught how to recognise the various threats to systems, assess the risks these threats pose using industry standard metrics, and be able to plan and action a response. They will also learn the way that threats affect different parts of a system and the skills required to put in place mechanisms and protocols to reduce or eliminate these. They will explore the different tools available and be able to make judgements and recommendations for themselves and others. All of their skills and understanding will be reinforced by practical activities culminating in the creation of a working, fully tested and documented online platform, which is secure against common online threats. This platform can be used as evidence of their skills and understanding when applying for further studies or employment opportunities.

Accreditation: On successful completion, students will be awarded a Level 2 Certificate in Cyber Security and Digital Forensics

Total Credits required to achieve the qualification – 15

Course Structure

The different units look at the best tools and applications needed for this process, but also the underlying technologies and methodologies that make these possible, particularly open source and open standards. It is important to understand the systems and services, as any online activity automatically attracts attacks and potentially damaging activities such as fraud. Learners will investigate these threats and security problems and make sure that their data and information are as safe as possible by securing the platforms used. All of these practical and theoretical skills and understanding build towards creating a safe and secure online system.

Mandatory Units:

UNIT 1 – Understanding of Cyber Security and Online Threats (3 CREDITS)

UNIT 2 – The Analysis and Understanding of Cyber Threats (3 CREDITS)

UNIT 3 – The Application and Deployment of Security Tools and Best Practice (3 CREDITS)

UNIT 4 – Extended Project: Defending an Online System (6 CREDITS).

Assessment Methods: This qualification will be assessed by Coursework (40%) including a practical Cyber Security Test, and Examination (60%)

Course Requirements

Pre-requisites: No prior knowledge required, just enthusiasm.