Secure Procurement

Secure Procurement
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Secure Procurement

The current ICT supply chain is often a complex, globally distributed system of interconnected entities and networks that span across international boundaries. The procurement officers are often required to fulfil numerous, sometimes conflicting, policy goals through their work, and cyber security is but one of several competing priorities in any given acquisition.

We offer secure procurement that involves the following procedure:

  • A formally documented security policy;
  • An implementation model that is fits to the organisational culture;
  • Engaging with management to provide a visible commitment and support for the process to succeed;

  • Security awareness within the whole organisation;

  • Formal risk assessment and management procedures
  • Effectively promoting of security concepts to all partners and stakeholders;

  • Ongoing training and education;

  • A comprehensive system of measuring outcomes;

  • Effective provision of feedback and suggestions for improvement.

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