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5 Reasons why you should secure your home router

Most attacks are not personal but can occur on any type of network – big or small, home or business.

If a network connects to the internet it is inherently more vulnerable and susceptible to attack from outside threats.

Nearly every internet-connected household use a router as their primary means, many supplied by the ISP. Most of these routers give WI-FI connection. But a home router comes pre-configured with vendor default settings. Many of these settings are public knowledge and make home routers easier to attack.

If hackers can get access to your router they can gain access to ALL the connected devices in your home. They can then access any/all data stored on your network and/or seek to compromise ALL those devices too.

Hackers can redirect your internet traffic to data-harvesting domains and sites. These sites get you to give up personal information in the belief you are connecting to a genuine place, potentially this information can then give them access to your personal financial information and accounts.

Compromised routers are often employed as part of malicious botnets, which can be used in a variety of nefarious purposes such as DDOS attacks

So what can you do to keep yourself safe?

Contact Cyber Engineers today and we will help you strengthen your home network defences while at the same time showing you how to recognise and mitigate against the threats without emptying your pocket.

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