Cisco CCNA Cybersecurity Operations

CCNA Cybersecurity Operations

The CCNA Cybersecurity Operations curriculum provides an introduction to the knowledge and skills needed for a Security Analyst working with a Security Operations Center team. It teaches core security skills needed for monitoring, detecting, investigating, analyzing and responding to security events, thus protecting systems and organizations from cybersecurity risks, threats and vulnerabilities. 

The instructor-led course includes hands-on practice activities and over 45 lab exercises to reinforce learning, quizzes and chapter assessments, and pre-final and final tests to measure understanding.

By the end of the course, students will be prepared to:

  • Understand cybersecurity operations network principles, roles and responsibilities as well as the related technologies, tools, regulations and frameworks available.
  • Apply knowledge and skills to monitor, detect, investigate, analyze and respond to security incidents.
  • Apply for entry-level jobs as Associate Security Analyst and Incident Responder.
  • Take the Cisco CCNA Cybersecurity Operations Certification exam.

CCNA Cybersecurity Operations is a hands-on, career-oriented course with an emphasis on practical experience to help students develop specialized skills to sucessfully handle the tasks, duties, and responsibilities of an associate-level Security Analyst working in a Security Operations Center (SOC).


DURATION: 2-4 Weeks


CCNA Cybersecurity Operations can be delivered as an independent curriculum or integrated into a broader course of study.


  • Basic Operating System (Windows, Linux) and networking concepts


  • An affiliation or partnership with Cyber Engineers.
  • Instructor Led with a customized Lab and dedicated classroom with reliable Internet access and required.

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