Cyber Security Staff Awareness Training

Cyber Security Staff Awareness

Cyber Awareness is an absolute necessity in modern society. With information acting as the lifeblood to industry. Therefore whether it is receiving emails that are attempting to use social engineering techniques or phishing threats designed to make you reveal sensitive information. One click could literally mean the difference between evading and becoming another victim of cyber criminals. Therefore spotting the threats for what they are is half the battle, so having an awareness of the nature and risk posed by such threats is critical.

We offer comprehensive security awareness training, phishing simulation and user knowledge assessment solutions designed to measure the level of human risk within your company, and hopefully protect your business from becoming another victim. We educate your employees on an ongoing basis, leading to long term behaviour change.

We can assist organisations and businesses, upgrade the practical skills of their clients and staff in Cybersecurity and IT.

Train staff responsible for cyber-related tasks to fulfil their roles, help executives, management and staff understand the cyber domain.

Defend and support your IT network.

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